Poem written during a residency at Le cerisier academy / Bloom project. Paris, 2020-21
Performed by Franck Mas and Rachel Koblyakov. Allassac, France. July 2021

Dedicated and sent by post to mountaineer Reinhold Messner.



Don’t get lost

By consenting to have a name, the thing reveals a truth as simple as it is fundamental, namely that it is different from the name which designates it. At twilight. The heart never stops beating, under restraint. Intelligence of music. In the old days, we never spoke, you made me make music, you forced me to compose. The interval. We had the same organ, the same function, the same role. And we got divided. Our independence was born out of our dependence. From Blue we went to Ocher. From my childhood, I separated. Vesica Pisci. Al-mufassil. We are separated. The pattern has not yet gained its independence. It modulates. You have defined your perimeter now. Yet have you stopped fighting? Coming out of the folds of the night to marry the name, it also signifies a gap. And it’s because the gap exists and it’s different that she seeks to meet it. Do you remember we wanted to say the same thing so we made our voices heard. Blue is the place of your childhood. And we were recognized. At this cardinal moment, we had to choose: what is the first of the differences? Thus was born the repetition.

From Blue to Ocher